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De San Fund market style transformation of blue-chip boost fund

In 2011 one quarter offund performance analysis of de Santa fund research center, a quarter of the market review :small-cap callback the lack of upward momentum large blue-chip market concussion to the second half of 2010 ,prices of malignant rise, State Department promulgated real estate regulation policy ,restrain house price to rise too quickly ;economic operation risk highlights ,inflationary situation is grim, the central bank continuously raising the deposit reserve rate ,while supporting the interest rate policy tools ,further tightening of liquidity ,prices rise too fast to be curbed .
In the 1 quarter ,tightening effect ,overall macroscopical economic situation to good ,steady economic growth, the published economic data, domestic water ,high-speed rail railway ,low-income housing construction and emerging industries investment to pull move economic growth momentum is powerful .
International ,turmoil in the Middle East ,plus international liquidity ,commodities such as oil prices soared ;strong earthquake hit Japan ,Moncler Pas Cher,Japanese economy ;the European sovereign debt crisis escalating again ,Moncler Outlet,dragged down the euro region economy anabiosises pace .
The A shares market, the 1 quarter of the market is in a relatively balanced pattern, funds face tightening stranglehold on the market system of investment opportunities ,structural investment opportunities to dominate the market .
In 2010 the theme of class style of investment promotion, small-cap stocks are promoted to a high level ,the valuation is relatively high .In 2011 the policy progressively tightened under the influence of small-cap stocks ,face a greater risk ,capital to small and medium-sized plate surface to tighten the impact is bigger, market concussion callback trend .
The 1 quarter of January ,Public offering of the fund weekly choose the value style mixed type fund _ strategy report _ sina f,,small-cap stocks drop quickly .After the Spring Festival market quickly shifted to appear to rise continuously ,the market callback market, as of mid February successfully gives a V font trend .
In the 1 quarter of second half period, small-cap stocks rose after the power is insufficient ,in an upper and lower shock in the market at the end of the quarter ,small-cap stocks appeared to glide quickly .
Small and medium-sized plate rapid decline, then rose rapidly following concussion callback ,different prices ,blue-chip market in the 1 quarter performance is strong, leading the market trend of style .
Small-cap stocks due to relatively high valuation ,risk, interest rates and the funding crunch facing callback pressure ,valuation ,and blue-chip market because of its undervalued ,Donation to help autistic children in debt 7 years,margin of safety is relatively high ,and gradually by the main funds favor .
In a market style slowly converts ,large blue-chip market shows that market, part of the fund has started to adjust the asset allocation ,reduce the small dish stock configuration ,increase the large blue-chip stocks level positions .
Overall,Moncler, in the 1 quarter of the market shares in an upward shocks market trends ,momentum is powerful .Market style transformation fund performance differentiation occurs in 2010 to burgeoning industry and consumption as the theme of investment style dominated the market ,most of the subject class fund achieved good fund returns ,investors have brought great benefits ,in various types of fund rankings to go in front row .
This type of fund is mainly has :the Chinese Golden Age ( 630002) ,Doudoune Moncler,China selected (000011 ) ,Penghua industry growth ( 206001) ,golden eagle in the small ( 162102) ,the value of China and Thailand (460005) ,,great strategy (090007 ) ,Chinese advantage of growth ( 000021) ,this type of fund to market investment made in good yields ,a fund manager of personal ability ,take a flexible strategy ,a good grasp of the market investment subject and market style .
Since 2011 the market style gradually changed, which to a large extent brings fund performance fluctuations in 2010 ,some eye-catching performance of the fund in 2011 1 quarterly fund performance declined ,some not timely follow-up market change style fund falls on the same type of fund behind, this type of fund is mainly has 519069) exchange value Chinese spirit ,( 630002) ,( 460005) ,the value of China and Thailand GF core ( 270008 ) ,the rejuvenation of the Chinese (000031) ,southern value (202011) ,TEDA growth (162201) ,the 1 quarter of this type of fund performance decline ,mainly due to market style change ,fund managers did not timely adjustment of asset allocation ,so that in the bulk lots stocks strong, small-cap stocks concussion callback market dropped behind .
The relative number of funds in the market to change the style in the market performance declined ,some fund managers fund because of its prominent individual ability ,good looking ,investing in a flexible operation strategy .
In the small-cap stocks higher valuation ,face greater risk situations ,,advance to change the style ,arrangement to underestimate the value of the stocks ,fund performance to maintain a strong continuity ,1 quarter of the fund performance rankings still front ,Moncler Jacket,these types of funds are: INVESCO energy source ( 260112) ,silver ( agricultural growth 660001) ,big Cheng Jing Yang (519019 ) ,the Chinese growth ( 000001 ) ,China selected (000011 ) ,the fund can be in style transformation in the market to maintain a good income ,mainly due to the fund manager to highlight the personal ability and prospective .
Similarly, some in the last year investment to underestimate the value of large blue-chip stocks fund investment style theme ,due to dominate the market ,the large blue-chip stocks weaken, in this market ,fund performance ,the same type of fund after the rank leans ,but showed strong resilience .
In 2011 1 quarter of the market to change the style ,the large blue-chip stocks strong, rising market ,in this market ,the general performance of the fund, last year ,in the 1 quarter showed a strong profit ability ,fund performance increased dramatically ,Moncler Outlet,such funds are :the Great Wall brand ( 200008 ) ,Balmoral ( coastal 213002) ,INVESCO blue chip (260110 ) ,Yimin dividend (213001) ,the League of nations sound (255010 ) ,the 1 quarter of this type of fund performance can dramatically increase ,in addition to the fund manager personal ability, the main benefit from a market style transformation .
2 quarter market prospect and fund investment advice 1 quarter ,market style gradual conversion ,fund performance rankings produced very big change .Outlook 2 quarter ,domestic economic inflation situation still very austere, to maintain smooth operation of the economy ,the central bank will continue to take a hike and raising the deposit reserve rate policy measures to tighten liquidity ,Boy 2 years as a friend to her father to raise med,control of inflation in china .
With the implementation of the policy ,the domestic price situation under control ,and after the Chonggao down slowly .The regulation of the real estate market is still the focus of government work ,but the real estate market pressure regulation measures on economic impact is limited, with the second five-year plan carry out, especially in the high-speed rail ,low-income housing construction investment ,the domestic economy will maintain steady and rapid growth ,but growth will be dropped .
Internationally, the global inflation ,commodity prices ,the European sovereign debt crisis and turmoil in the Middle East ,it will greatly influence our country and the future of the world economy trend ,increase economy to run the risk of .
In this case ,the domestic market style still can be in a slowly converts in the market, the higher valuation of small-cap stocks is still facing greater valuation downward pressure ,in the 2 quarter, the higher risk ,but did not rule out in blue-chip market increases to a certain level ,small and medium-sized plate back in place under the condition of market ,short-term moving round style .
Although the 1 quarter blue-chip market rising very fast, but its value is still low ,strong defensive ,so in the market as a whole style transformation in the market, the larger the probability of blue-chip market continue to rise .
For the two quarter of fund investors ,fund portfolio investment should pay attention to the following points :1 ,pay attention to market style transformation ,timely ,appropriate adjustments to your asset allocation ,timely to lower the performance decline in small-cap investment styles of fund ,increase the outstanding performance of the large blue-chip investment wind Gkiki allocation ratio .
2 ,pay attention to the performance persistence ,investment fund focused on underestimate the value of traditional periodical industry more varieties ,including low-income housing construction ,water conservancy and emerging industries .
3 ,pay attention to the management style, flexible ,good at grasping the Bankuailundong opportunities ,and asset management, the relatively small size of the small and medium-sized fund ,such as INVESCO energy ,Noam in small-cap ,Soochow industry ,golden eagle in the small ,can focus on .
4 ,pay attention to the stock picking ability strong ,have good prospective ,and manager ability of funds ,such as the South Sheng Yuan bonus ,great development ,great king ,the day of the rich benefits ,Cathay Pacific small dish ,can focus on .
Sina: posted this article for more information transmission purposes ,does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description .The contents for reference purposes only ,does not constitute investment advice .

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Take a taxi to donate blood to save different police in leukemia

Jiang Hongyan police a few days ago, someone with a silk banner, came to the County Public Security Bureau police station de Biao, said: "I'm looking for Jiang Hongyan."Holding banners for the police, Jiang Hongyan, is it right? Do any good?Yes, Jiang Hongyan had quietly blood donation.
First blood Jiang Hongyan this year 32 years old, after graduating from the police academy has been in police work.In 2005, he was a Changchun City on blood collecting car donated blood."At that time, blood collection vehicle stopped in our unit near.
The doctor said the blood bank blood stored in tension, be badly in need of blood for clinical use, I found myself in good condition, will go up."Jiang Hongyan said, the doctor gave him a test was very surprised, "are you AB type RH negative, this blood is very rare, is the 'Panda blood'.
"Jiang Hongyan doesn't understand "Panda" and what is the relationship between the blood, only know detailed physician registered his work units, home address and contact way, and tell him to pay attention to the body.
In this way, Jiang Hongyan adhere to exercise every day, little drinking, smoking, hold to annual voluntary blood donation.For the telephone in March this year, Jiang Hongyan came home from work, suddenly received a phone call from Changchun city.
The other worry core of his identity, only said one sentence: "now people need your blood for help,China Merchants Securities the dilemma did not really get ri, can you come?"Jiang Hongyan said: "."Without notifying the family,,Yi Fonda in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 mainstream product type subject index good _ strategy report _, from farming to Changchun City taxi Jiang Hongyan.
"Listen to what the doctor said, require plasma is a 54 year old leukemia patients during operation, is, without the blood bag,Doudoune Moncler, will endanger life."Jiang Hongyan hurried to the blood center, staff said, he is the patient's last hope, had "the panda blood" person is not much,Moncler Outlet, a few registered volunteer blood donors and not rushed to the scene.
Help blood "into a blood station gate, the leukemia patients lover, is tightly pulled me by the hand,," Jiang Hongyan said, "I know, she is afraid I regret."The doctor asked Jiang Hongyan to prepare the mood,Moncler, blood sampling, and tell him the platelet collection of adverse reactions and not suitable for blood sampling.
Among them, including blood body without injury.Be in a few days a duty, Jiang Hongyan head injuries,Moncler Pas Cher, 6 suture needle.This time, in order to save,Moncler Outlet, he concealed his injury."More than 40 minutes, my heart from tension into relief, if I can save him, this trip is worthwhile.
"Jiang Hongyan walked down the separator, some dizziness, strong not to walk out the door.Wives of patients with crying, holding hands with Jiang Hongyan,My sister to take care of three mentally retarded, Shane to kneel, insist on making a stack of $100 bills into his hand.
With this bag for patients with platelet, successful completion of the operation, safe escape.Global Jiang Hongyan example blood donors,, not in accordance with the requirements of medical bed rest, evening, take big customer return Nongan, the very next day back to the work of police station.
County Public Security Bureau by said about the incident, was very moved.He said, the Bureau has been undertaken in the charity events,Moncler Jacket, what is a true love charity?Jiang Hongyan is an example.County Public Security Bureau leading Party group decides, called global all the police learn to Jiang Hongyan.
And the matter to the public security organs at higher levels to report, application award.In addition to Jiang Hongyan every assistance to area two impoverished residents, Toku station also has 20 years help deficient up rescuing tradition: 23 police officers to help the poor residents of more than 40 people, annual contributions to nearly 10 thousand yuan.

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Seriously ill infant donor cornea let two people s

Eighteen thirty-two on January 18th ,Hunan province Ireland Department of Ophthalmology hospital .The doctor with great care to pick small vibration and cornea .Yang Shuhuai was taken in January 18th, small vibration and after death, the doctor prepared to extract his eye bank corneas .
A pair of have no time to see the world small cornea ,will make two people see the light .Yang Shuhuai was taken in January 15th, small vibration and lying in hospital neonatal small bed ,sometimes crying ,sometimes open eyes ,panic looking at this strange world .
Yang Shuhuai was taken on January 22nd morning 8 when ,in the Wuhan Aier Department of ophthalmology hospital ,at the age of 21, Zhou Xia sat on the porch waiting for a final check before operation .
Photo by Yang Shuhuai :9 days of freezing point feature life left the light if small vibration and grow up ,he can have a look carefully for his living in this beautiful town of Hunan :a clear blue sky ,wide silver river ,as well as the door when the road turns out wet red clay .
Perhaps ,he can have a look yourself through the mirror ,gradually mature face ,including his brother and as like as two peas ,big eyes water lingling .He has no chance .On January 18, 2010, the Hunan Xinhua baby, because one kind is called multiple intestinal atresia disease ,was born 9 days leave .
His grieving father signed donated the son of the cornea, hope their children can get didn things keep going .Soon ,one of the cornea, in hundreds of kilometers away, Wuhan ,was transplanted into a 21 year old girl .
This boy survived for only 9 days .But more and more people believe ,his eyes still continue to look at the world .Indeed, his father would often feel ,the son seemed to be lasted .New small vibration and with the family hope to come to this world .
The name is mother Jiang Guiyun .With his eldest son vibration name ,the words soft-spoken introvert mother hope ,Chung Lu fund assessment of the week Chonggao callback can e, the good Kang Kang ,we can get a more United States and the United states .
Clothing is the whole family together to choose ,either single ,or sweaters ,cotton ,are bright yellow or pink color .Small bed is brother Gao Zhenqiang let out .Because of the small boys ,until the age of 10 ,had to sleep in your bedroom bed .
Sometimes ,he will be asleep when he was carried back to his room ,in the middle of the night, he would climb up sneaking back into his parents .But this time ,in order to put the little bed let out ,he and his parents to discuss, look can and grandma bed .
In the pregnant day ,Jiang Guiyun would occasionally Fantasy :the soon to be born child ,will not like the son, vibration intensity ,has a pair of pretty eyes ;will not smaller than the vibration intensity learning more seriously, better performance ;or ,will not be smaller than the vibration intensity body more healthy ?Every time I think of it ,she could not help but some worry .
His 10 year old son though lively ,but always looks lot smaller than their peers .Just one month of birth ,small vibration intensity was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction ,was sent to Changsha do operation .
Although the operation was successful ,but from then on ,small vibration intensity has been long is not high ,and the fine hand tiny feet , have not fat .This time, she and her husband in Kaohsiung to fly about ,Haitong Securities QDII and sealed the base perfor,must give birth to a healthy child Kang Kang .
At least ,the child in my stomach is very naughty ,always like a somersault . The young mother consoled her husband , it shows that he is very healthy . Small vibration and birth day, January 10, 2010 .
In Jiang Guiyun the Capricorn your baby doesn cry ,looks very healthy .But the very next day ,Kaohsiung discovered the problem .Birth day ,small vibration and no defecation ,and constantly vomiting .
Think of the great son of the illness ,Kaohsiung Fei insisted ,must give small vibration and do a check .According to the results of B ultrasound examination ,the people physician judgment ,small vibration and gut in one place is blocked up ,resulting in the digestion of food can not be discharged .
Gao Xiongfei know ,the eldest son and the obstruction exactly the same click ,his heart sank a down .On the afternoon of the same day ,Kaohsiung to fly with her little son to Changsha ,ready to do an operation .
Before starting ,Kaohsiung to fly with her children back to home .This is a small vibration and the only time out .His grandma memory, at that time, this just was born two days children stare big eyes ,continued to look around , as if want to use this chance ,to house all the places to see .
Give up the only 9 days of life ,and did not give the family leave too much .The picture is only a piece of small ,is the Kaohsiung flight shot down by mobile phone .The upper small vibration and shaggy hair ,not fat but still plump face ,a pair of black buttony eyes narrowed ,looking at the camera and smiling .
The taking of this photo ,this was just 5 days of the child, was sent to the hospital .In January 13th, when Gao Xiongfei to send his son to the Hunan Children ,he feel a lot better .10 years ago, the eldest son and vibration intensity is undergoing operation .
He repeatedly comfort his wife : is not an operation well ,finish the child on the right . Even the doctors initially judgment is optimistic .But the small vibration and operation started 20 minutes later ,a nurse came out to Kaohsiung to fly ,said ,the doctor let him in to discuss ,because children now have a bit of trouble .
In the operation room, the doctor told him ,small vibration and the disease is not a bowel obstruction ,but multiple intestinal atresia .A small intestines ,and not the beginning might have only a small is blocked, but like bamboo ,every short period ,there is a blocked up .
The doctor told him ,Moncler,the only treatment method ,through the operation ,all blocked up in the intestines were cut off ,the remaining portion of the suture ,but the operation risks, even if the operation is successful, the child intestines also only normal length of 1 / 3 ,but will cause a series of complications ,so that the child only more painful.
. Do you wish to continue operation ,or to give up ? At the operation room of dazzling light ,the doctor asked .Operation table, small vibration and face is a dark green cloth cover .
Gao Xiongfei thought ,his brain was completely blank . .Carry out of the operation room ,Kaohsiung fly in the waiting room and telephoned his wife .The 35 year old Hunan man finally collapsed ,the couple in telephone two wept together .
But they didn for sorrow ,small vibration and is still in operation table waiting for their decision .A few words ,two people decide , let the children suffer less pain .Jiang Guiyun cried to fly Kaohsiung said: the child so painful ,perhaps he will hate us .
So just give up now . A month later ,recalled the scene at that time, Kaohsiung flying voice is immediately to go on : we only hope that their children can have a healthy body ... ... But even this is only a wish .
After 20 minutes ,Kaohsiung to fly back to the operation room in the diagnosis ,son Book wrote down the sentence : my son ,Kaohsiung flying fur,, suffering from serious disease cannot be cured, I want give up on his treatment ,Public offering of the fund performance review various types,hospital treatment by .
Operation table, small vibration and also covered the piece of dark green cotton ,peacefully asleep .Just what happened ,and he like it doesn .Dark when Gao Xiongfei signed to small vibration and treatment in time ,hundreds of kilometers away, Wuhan ,21 year old Zhou Xia just everywhere to borrow money, put together a cornea transplant operation fee .
This just married a week young girl ,Doudoune Moncler,left eye cornea has severely ulcerated ,all items in front of her ,almost all are only a piece of blurred .For a long time, this pair of big eyes has been Zhou Xia beauty mark .
But now ,they have become the Hubei girl disaster sources .Initially ,she just feels a bit itchy eyes ,Moncler Jacket,slowly ,her eyes get red ,serious when ,her sight is blurred .Last May, Xia first left their home village in Hubei Songzi City home ,sat 10 hours bus ,come to Wuhan Aier Department of Ophthalmology hospital .
The doctors found that ,The big boy classroom that take the girls teacher',due to bacterial infection ,her cornea has been long out of grey spots ,if not timely removal of corneal and transplantation ,are afraid to risk of eyeball .On June, Zhou Xia underwent an operation to graft .
Twenty thousand pieces of the operation fee is working outside of the father finally saved .This family of three by father each month in the town work earned 1000 dollars to maintain life .
Zhou Xia too young to meningitis ,affecting the intellectual development ,move slow .However ,because there is no suitable corneal inventory ,in urgent need of operation Zhou Xia by transplantation of the cornea ,is from a sheep eye plucked .
This can save her eye ,do not let the eye complete recovery of visual acuity .In the months after the review, although the doctors thought that Zhou Xia is recovering well ,but she left eye can see, is still a blur .
Operation was completed ,the doctor had been advised Zhou Xia in hospital for a couple of days ,because of the health condition is comparatively good .But considering the everyday 100 multivariate cost of hospitalization ,she was soon returned to the home .
In the village, one family is busy with the village ,funded by the new rural construction ten thousand yuan ,go along for the ride ,as this is married to the daughter of a new house .
Who would have thought ,when this spacious houses cover the time, Zhou Xia eyes once again with .The family has said it was not clear ,resulting in her eye disease recurrence ,is building construction dust ,she helped the workers when cooking oil smoke floated into the eyes .
But can know for sure is, except with the same last redness ,itching ,the graft to the cornea with ulcerated .In January 5, 2010, Zhou Xia adhere to the original time in his own yard two before the feast ,held a wedding .
Two days later ,when she was again sent to the Wuhan Aier Department of ophthalmology hospital ,Moncler Outlet,this also immersed in the joy of the bride ,the left eye is almost can . .Her father for get operation fee .
But Zhou Xia did not know that ,this time ,she is no longer the implantation of the cornea of the eye from a sheep, but comes from a far away in Hunan ,only the 9 day of life boy .Donation in giving up on the small vibration and after treatment ,Kaohsiung began to call those just congratulate themselves new baby relatives ,the newborn son can .
.A relative on the phone to remind Kaohsiung fly ,want to consider the child cornea out , do something meaningful .This is also immersed in the grieving father felt suddenly touched .
If I can help people ,I feel ,my child like also live in this world . Kaohsiung fly in .He immediately opened the home phone ,and in the phone with great care ground asked his wife ,would do the right thing ,the children of corneal donate .
31 year old Jiang Guiyun rarely refute the husband .This gentle wife cried for a long time ,finally sighed : help help . In the eyes of the people around ,the couple is a kind man .In Gao Xiongfei auto repair shop ,they and several workers particularly good relationship ;in Gao Xiongfei after the divorce, they took the kid brother to his own home ,is a living for nearly 10 years .
Kaohsiung fly to tell what truth ,he thinks ,it is good to help others for granted : the children to leave everything behind, I have no regrets . Of course ,as a father ,his choice is not selfish .
Kaohsiung Fei said ,gave children corneal ,will feel some thought in the world .Even ,it seemed as if he had found a way ,can make small vibration and life and so to continue .
Because of fears that the old man cannot accept ,he did not consult with your parents . I people hope that their children can get complete ,will not lack any . Gao Xiongfei says .However ,the Kaohsiung flying doesn ,should put the child where the cornea .
Until a working in media relations ,helped him to find Ireland Hunan Department of ophthalmology hospital telephone .Even the hospital never met such a young donor cornea .Just received the Kaohsiung telephone, a just to work soon girls can identified, 5 days before the birth of small vibration and ,whether conforms to the cornea donation request .
However ,she repeatedly said: this is really a great father . The afternoon of January 15th ,when the eye bank coordinator carrying printed corneal donation the data bag ,at the children to find Kaohsiung fly time ,next to the parents were shocked .
They have come Wai ,while vigilance at the coordinator ,asked Kaohsiung to fly : she wouldn advise you to donate their corneas ? No, I want to send their children to donate corneas .
Gao Xiongfei whispered , want to have a look can let the children help to others . Surrounding parents soon calmed down .After a while ,someone patted Kaohsiung flying shoulder : it is good ,good will be rewarded .
At the end of the last days of life, small vibration and has been lying at the children a silver crib .He could see ,was Beige ceiling ,embedded in the green central air conditioning ,white fluorescent lamp tube ,and a wearing pink clothes nurse ,and occasionally come to give him an injection ,changing diapers .
This is probably all of his memory .From the operation room after coming out, he never leave this room .He could not see the unit green door ,,see circular window glass printed on the tomato pattern ,even mom and dad ,he also never seen .
In accordance with the provisions of abandoning treatment hospital ,the child should parents home ,but Kaohsiung is not willing to do so . The children home, may soon be gone, if the stay in hospital ,may live for more than a few days .
Then ,he found a hospital medical unit chief, begging ,finally allowed ,let the children stay in hospital ,to accept the conservative treatment .But in doing so ,the son had ,Kaohsiung would no longer be able to see him .
In order to ensure the health ward ,he and all the parents together, caught up in the ICU .He had to return home to Xinhua ,with Jiang Guiyun being in confinement .Because of fear of her body ,the whole family to keep from talking about .
Only once ,small vibration and grandfather in the house to turn round and round and round ,couldn ,he asked Kaohsiung to fly : fur ? Kaohsiung to fly down ,avoiding his eyes : baby in the hospital, haven .
Can the family know, their Maomao won .Only through a local media lens ,people knew little vibration and in ward end of life .In 3 days of time ,he always dressed in a yellow blanket ,with ward like other kids, he sometimes waving hands crying ,sometimes staring eyes, look around ,sometimes just lying around are metal barrier bed ,sleep quietly .
The only difference is ,small vibration and bedside did not write a case label ,no one follow label instructions, pushed him to a different room treatment, nurses are also won take him back to his mother .
Because he is unable to smooth consumption ,small vibration and soon lost forever ,face more and more yellow .His eyes cry less and less time, most of the time just in bed sleeping .Because the body is too thin ,a little child beds ,most of the area is empty .
January 18th afternoon ,when the reporter walked into the room ,Moncler Pas Cher,small vibration and half open eyes lying there .He felt the child ,found some muscular stiffness .Subsequently, the nurses verify the vibration and death ,he looked as if he just fell asleep .
Gao Xiongfei saw the little vibration and ,is the very next day .The day before five in the afternoon, he received the eye bank staff telephone ,said the child has gone .Jiang Guiyun is crying to want to see children one last time in Kaohsiung ,and fly for fear of his wife ,decided secretly to myself .
The very next day early in the morning, he sat on the first class coach ,hastened to changsha .Children mortuary in the hospital next to a &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;small alley .Kaohsiung Fei stood in front of the door ,looking at the gate volume rises slowly, hesitated for a moment ,then in .
Cold mortuary ,in the winter is especially cold .Small vibration and lying in a brown bag .Kaohsiung picked up his son ,found only in a small white flowers gown . Son ,dad gave you wear the clothes, good ah .
The way back to the father from the carry-on luggage out pink sweater ,the orange coat ,trousers ,a children to wear up . It ,he dressed and so thin ... ... Gao Xiongfei explains that .
He was turned away ,sniffled ,and gave the child a side plug in a pink bottle .This is the last time he and his son .Transplantation of corneal transplantation operation in small vibration and leave the bed to complete .
Eye bank staff never seen such little donor cornea .When they put a piece of green cotton covered in small vibration and face, the only its eyes a fist-sized hole ,has small vibration and little half face out .
Eye doctors had feared ,a baby in the cornea for adults may be too small .Therefore ,small vibration and the cornea may be only emergency ,Conductress knife to protect the passengers caused,no way to achieve the best treatment effect .
But see taken cornea ,they found ,small vibration and the eye black eye part particularly large ,corneal size is close to the level of adults .An eye bank staff could not help but sigh : if we can grow up ,this is definitely a particularly beautiful child .
Even if used to see life and death, children nurses were blindfolded ,cannot see this process of removal of corneal .For out of the two pieces of transparent cornea, is put into a small stainless steel bottle ,and in a filled with ice cold storage insulation bucket yellow .
Originally, we plan to corneal transplantation to a patient in Harbin .But as a result of the patients being diagnosed diabetes ,unable to carry out operation ,in second place, Zhou Xia is lucky to get a transplant opportunities .
Corneal transplantation process very smoothly .The doctor put Zhou Xia in the eyes of the bad cornea removed, and small vibration and corneal coverage in Xia ,and use the line closely together , as if to remove broken glass ,and replace a new one .
After the completion of the operation the very next day ,Zhou Xia had to remove the eye bandage .The scene is still very fuzzy ,but the doctor says ,if the good recovery ,her vision will gradually improve .
Now ,the fat girls have begun to look to the cornea to her new life .Born in Kaohsiung to fly just decided to donate his son when the cornea ,a local journalist had hoped ,the cornea can be transplanted to an equally young children .
The story is more perfect ,small vibration and the rebirth meaning is more intense . But Gao Xiongfei never considered these .His only hope ,was the son of corneal donation by the person can try a little younger ,small vibration and eye can read a few years .
Now ,21 year-old Zhou Xia has made them enough .In fact ,apart from the age of 21 years old ,the family lives in Hubei Songzi the basic information ,Kaohsiung to fly to Zhou Xia almost know nothing at all .
He and his wife did not find Zhou Xia ,also did not try to contact her family ,because he feared his hastily ,contact ,make this one family felt a burden , like what we want for it .
Zhou Xia did not follow the Kaohsiung contact .She has no mobile phone ,also do not know Kaohsiung to fly the phone ,she his words to yourself, you will be unable to speak .On weekdays, Zhou Xia simple life is be hardly worthy of belief .
She does not like listening to music ,read a book doesn ,now in order to protect the eyes ,can not watch tv .And in the last eyes again after infection, family members also allowed her to do the housework .
She always stay in their own homes .In this cousin helped her decorate her room ,with purple curtain wardrobe ,purple ,purple sofa, it is young girls usually love romantic color .The country girl is more like those specific things in life .
She likes the beautiful house ,loving husband bought her black down jacket ,also love marriage through the red coat .What she was full of hope, is the eye recovers, her husband can help do some housework .
Only talk about her new husband ,Zhou Xia a little dull eyes is revealed .Her mother rarely spoke ,father and part-time ,and farm ,is even more rarely communicate with her daughter .Until a reporter to interview, he is like have a look carefully daughter ,and asked him : Why are your eyes are so red ? 1 months after the operation ,Xia left eye still flushed with a large red ,she was still waiting patiently for their rehabilitation .
Now ,she needs to spend 3 eye drops ,3 kind of ointment ,slightly will stimulate more than tears .But the illness a year girl felt very happy .I hope after coming home from the hospital ,son of vibration intensity first run to ask Kaohsiung to fly : brother did not come back ? Kaohsiung Fei hesitated for a long time ,tell little vibration intensity ,brother is never coming back .
This has vowed to study hard ,grow up make money for brother cure boys ,first is paused ,and then clear why cry .Is also from this day ,small vibration and traces are deliberately from home to erase .
The elders have a tacit agreement ,not mention this to leave early ,Jiang Guiyun also took the children sent .Even in Kaohsiung ,the son of fly ash in Changsha ,since Aier Eye Bank staff told him ,all of the cornea donors ,are buried in Changsha suburb of Lantau Peak .
Where the beautiful scenery ,and it is the best place to Changsha Feng shui .There is only one Memorial Cup was grandma stay ,plug in of the closet .It was a 30 cm high transparent Memorial Cup ,in the Memorial Cup at the top, with one eye shape of the sculpture ,and below the pillars ,Moncler Outlet,carved with one sentence: take a light in the world .
Kaohsiung fly say ,this is his son at home only to leave .But the pain feeling is the family .Sometimes ,small vibration intensity could lie in his mother coquetry, let mother to regenerate a brother ;sometimes ,Kaohsiung and Jiang Guiyun will sit together on the sofa ,,have a look on the mobile phone to save small vibration and photos .
And his brother are as like as two peas . Jiang Guiyun glanced at his son ,said gently .The young parents ,are trying to escape from the pain . At least ,he can use his own eyes ,to help the rest of the world .
Gao Xiongfei think, feel more feel at ease and justified .In February 10th, the reporters came to interview ,Xia first called Gao Xiongfei .The whole conversation, Zhou Xia was too nervous to only will be repeated a few sentences : thank you, uncle ,or high Happy New year .
It is originally bad words Kaohsiung fly continuously asked Zhou Xia ,there were a few people, what his father does ,The second half of the year economic shift in strategy of steady growth to regai,how to restore the eye now .The short talk ending ,Kaohsiung fly constant complaining, the home signal is not good , a lot of problems didn .
Zhou Xia flushed cheeks ,tears in his eyes, long time unable to speak .She was too nervous ,stood at the door of the house was blowing cold ,calm down .Her door ,is different from the one of Hunan picture :land is no longer dark red ,but the yellow ;a small flat farmland, stood a little gray sky ;it was drizzling ,not far from the mountain passes a piece of wet green .

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The position of the fund last week monitoring weekly stock index

Last week, the Shanghai index closed at 2528 points, or 2.2% weeks; Shenzhengchengzhi to close at 10699 points, or 1.3% weeks.Under this background,Moncler, 628 open-end funds net value weighted average rose 2.
11%.Among the 443 Open-end Equity Fund weighted average increase of 2.14%; 185 open mixed type fund weighted average rose 2.05%.Last week the stock index continued to rebound trend, the position of the fund 80.
5%.According to our calculations, 432 only to announce two quarterly reports open active investment funds of the stock positions from last week's 78.2% litre of first weekend in 80.5%, opening rate of 1.
7%.The stock type fund positions from 82.8% to 85.1%, mixed type fund positions from 71.8% to 74.2%.Last weekend positions, 413 open-end investment funds in 272 of the fund Zengcang, 28 positions of the fund and keep balance last week, the 132 remaining funds ??.
The the Great Wall, Australia, Warburg constant income silver configuration, Bank of Australia in the small, letter to build long-lasting, silver cross subject, fidelity in the small,Moncler Pas Cher, TEDA bonus, the Great Wall hybrid, Penghua Fund Zengcang before consumption; Golden Eagle steady growth, the selection of the Orient, Chinese spirit,, Yi Fangda branch, Penghua growth, golden eagle in the small, Hefeng growth, Fonda leading enterprises, Cathay Pacific returns, Soochow aggressive strategy fund ?? top.
Fund the company last week, 62 fund companies in 42 fund Zengcang, 20 fund companies sell.The business of short for Zhejiang Province, Hua Baoxing, constructed the letter, the silver-AXA, Morgan Stanley Huaxin, Morgan voted on, the League of nations, Fortis, Kim won-than livelihood plus silver fund Zengcang top 10.
Oriental, Chinese, 10000, Golden Eagle, Nord, Bauhinia, Societe Generale global, Soochow, China rich, Zhi-day Jiancang ranks in the top 10.From the fund company's overall stock positions,Moncler Jacket, bny Mellon western,, the country sea Franklin, long letter, Everbright Baode letter, silver AXA, Xinhua,Doudoune Moncler,In 2012 February, China buy hedge fund index repor, Agricultural Bank Agricole, Shen Wan Ling letter, Hua Baoxing, Thaksin's active investment open partial shares of the fund's average stock positions ranked in the top 10, Morgan Stanley Huaxin,kindergarten class c, Chinese, Societe Generale global, Oriental, financing,, UBS Investment, galaxy, Bo,Defense priorities, attention to rhythm for hunter,Moncler Outlet, 10000, Kim won-than fund company's partial shares of the fund's average stock position position after 10.
Sina: this message is reproduced from Sina associated media,Moncler Outlet, posted this article for more information transmission purposes, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.

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Passengers with a $6500 cash bag was the conductor finds back

Chu Tianjin news gold newspaper news reporter Deng Wei reported: people back home, but the handbag on the train,, fortunately there is careful guard back, the owner Mr. entrust newspaper express thanks,, "the conductor returned me a good mood to have the spring festival!"The day before yesterday evening, a high-speed rail from Guangzhou back to the Han have the Spring Festival's Mr.
He,Moncler, be bursting with happiness came home,Woman postpone wedding day treatment leukemia daug,, found that her handbag was missing, think carefully,A private network private liquidation indicates the bottom will come _ strategy, lost in the train, can not help but worry on my mind.The handbag, with his social security card and driver, and he had to change 6500 yuan money,Fund weekly short optional low equity lever B fund _ strateg, the money is for home the children wrapped gift money.
Originally promised to come home to give gift money, but now is wrong, he is anxious to get angry.At this point, Mr. Ho's phone rang, is a strange number.The phone, high-speed rail group G46 conductor told Mr, they found a handbag handbag, and according to the card number to call to ask.
He was happy,Doudoune Moncler, in carefully check the bag of goods, he arrived at the train station,Moncler Jacket, take the handbag.In returning the home, Mr specifically call this,Moncler Pas Cher, hope to earnest conscientious guard say thank you,Moncler Outlet, thank them to return the handbag back to have the Spring Festival,Moncler Outlet, more a good mood.

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